Films Produced by Janusz Darecki

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Hugh Jackman at ACA (Teaser) Flash Mob
(1.6 million views on YouTube)
The Acting Edge
(excerpts from 3-hour series)
35mmFilms Darecki films
Cinema Advert BrothTV Ep. 1
(15 mins, excerpts from 10-part series)
TAFE 120 Gala
(7 mins, excerpts from 2-hour video)
Gaubert I-Chen Caleb
Fantasy for Flute and Piano - 7mins Jaroslav Kocian, Lullaby – 4mins Hindemith, Sonata for Oboe/Piano –11mins
My Birds Eternity Poppy
Parkour Tribal Warrior Fire Walk with Me
35mmFilms 35mmFilms 35mmFilms
35mm Films
(First Love + Aberration - excerpts)
First Love
(35mm film, 17 mins)
(35 mm film, 7 mins)
Cooper Brothers Invest in Dreams Lively Neighbourhood
Aerialize Reverse Garbage Barefoot Max
Power of Music Yannick Koffi Bondi Beach
Campsie Festival Acts of Kindness Erth